MGE Galaxy 7000 400 kVA

MGE Galaxy 7000 400 kVA

Includes: Installation guide

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G7TUPS400 Features

MGE Galaxy 7000 400 kVA

  • Audible alarms
    Provides notification of changing utility power and UPS power conditions
  • Generator compatible
    Ensures clean, uninterrupted power to protected equipment when generator power is used.
  • Manual maintenance bypass
    Reduces installation costs by eliminating the need for an external mechanical bypass.

Galaxy 7000 Features & Benefits

  • EU CoC for UPS
    Ensures that UPSs sold in the EU are highly efficient
  • Network management capability
    Full-featured network management interfaces that provide standards-based management via Web, SNMP, and Telnet.
  • Fully-rated power kVA equals kW
    Reduces cost by eliminating the need for an oversized UPS for Power Factor Corrected (PFC) loads.
  • ECO Mode
    Operating mode that by-passes unused electrical components in good power conditions to achieve high operating efficiency without sacrificing protection
  • Advanced electrical features
    Excellent power conditioning, very low harmonic distortion through IGBT rectifier, input power factor correction, and high power efficiency
  • Parallel capability
    Multiple units can be placed in parallel to meet power capacity and redundancy requirements
  • Compatible with Schneider Electric’s lithium-ion battery solution
    Reduces system footprint and weight, cooling and maintenance requirements, and total cost of ownership; offers double the life of VRLA batteries; and improves backup storage predictability and manageability.
  • Output synchronization to an external source
    UPS systems can be synchronized with any other independent source for use with downstream static transfer switches.
  • High availability architecture
    Different running modes: hot stand-by, integrated parallel, or centralized static switch for multi-modules leading to availability architectures