Definition of CCTV Camera?

The full name of CCTV camera is Closed Circuit Television. In 1942, the German scientist Wallet Bruch first introduced the design and installation process of this camera. NASA was the first to use it.

CCTV Camera has various types of model depending on the choices of the buyer. You can choose CCTV from Campro and Microdigital. You can also use for security in case you live in a home, office and industry. 

Campro CCTV price in Bangladesh

Campro CCTV is efficient, standard. There is a variety you can choose from Orient BD Limited. You can opt for a Campro CCTV with a digital CCTV, which will keep you informed about the status of the security. You can select CCTC made from plastic or metal and even some with rat mesh protectors. You can also pick your CCTV based on the number of specification you have to see. We provide the best CCTV Camera price in Bangladesh with cheap price for home and office. There are many types of Campro CCTV Camera available. There are Campro CB-FB200P, CAMPRO CB-FD200P, CAMPRO CB-FD400P, CAMPRO CB-FD500P, Campro CB-HI 130B, Campro CB-HI200A, NVR and DVR etc. 

Microdigital CCTV Camera best Price In BD At

Orient BD Ltd offers a variety of CCTV Cameras like the brand of Microdigital. The Microdigital CCTV Cameras come with a manufacturers warranty which assures good after-sales support. Select your Microdigital CCTV Camera price in Bangladesh according to your needs.

The most modernised Microdigital is the MDC-AH6290FTN-36 and MDC-AH6290TDN-36HA, MDC-AH7290FTN-24, MDC-AH7290TDN-30, MDC-AH7290TDN-30A and more.

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