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Are you looking for eco-friendly industrial UPS? Orient BD Limited is the best ABB industrial UPS Supplier in Bangladesh. Want to buy an Industrial UPS, be sure for online double conversion modular device. Industrial UPS uses in manufacturing situations, plant facilities and factories. It is essential to identify the capability of UPS you need, based on your office and factories size. It UPS has Online UPS and Offline UPS model which is available in There are ABB Powerline DPA, Cyberex PowerBuilt Industrial UPS and PCS100 UPS-I.

ABB Powerline DPA – Online UPS Supplier In Bangladesh – Orient BD Ltd

ABB’s PowerLine DPA is an online double-conversion UPS. ABB PowerLine DPA has Decentralized Parallel Architecture that assures the best UPS model in terms of flexibility, availability, price and more. Featuring UPS module rated power 50 – 40 kVA, Frequency range 50 or 60 Hz (selectable), UPS output rated PF 1.0, Max system power 120 kVA, Double conversion Up to 96%, Eco-mode 98,5% and more features are available. In these days, ABB Powerline DPA UPS has become part and parcel of every factory and industry. It has made become an inevitable part of the industry.

Cyberex PowerBuilt Industrial UPS Price In Bangladesh

ABB Cyberex PowerBuilt UPS has amplitude detection control design and critical load protection. With a wide range of Cyberex PowerBuilt Industrial UPS available on Orient BD Ltd, it often gets confusing to choose one that best UPS your requirements. We take pride in helping you buy to find best. It is our responsibility to help you find the best online UPS price in Bangladesh what suited for your industry. Featuring power range 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80 kVA, UPS output rated PF 0.8, Up to 2 frames, 480 VAC 3W+G. Other voltages are also available, Input voltage range +10, -20%VAC from nominal and more.

ABB PCS100 UPS-I UPS Supplier In Bangladesh At Orient BD Ltd

ABB PCS100 UPS-I made for commercial and industrial services. It is a high performance, high-efficiency UPS system that ensures protection from power quality events. It is a high-performance, high-efficiency UPS system that protection from power quality events. 

PCS100 UPS-I UPS has become an essential part of our everyday factories life. To help you better purchase, we are introducing the various features of ABB UPS in Bangladesh. Customer should be looking for when buying an Industrial UPS with our easy to understand buying guides. We are well-known as an ABB PCS100 UPS-I Industrial UPS Supplier in BD.

Facilities and Offers of Orient BD

In a factory, industrial UPS are must needed. Adding to the delight of online shopping is a reasonable UPS price in Bangladesh and Offline UPS Price in Bangladesh.  We provide the customer with attractive discounts and many offers. We offer a wide range of computer accessories that you would like to buy. Also, We provide best after sales service provider for UPS in Bangladesh. Orient also declares summer offer, eid offer and festive offer in Bangladesh.


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