500VA Pure Sinewave IPS with builtin 100Ah Lithium Battery

500VA Pure Sinewave IPS is a quality and reasonable product for home and office devices. It built with latest technology and Lithium Batteries

500VA Pure Sinewave IPS with builtin 100Ah Lithium Battery

  • Pure sine wave inverter
  • suitable for any load
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Short-circuit protection
  • LCD display show all the conditions
  • All system in one case, moves more conveniently
  • Easy to move anywhere
  • Big charge current
  • Over voltage, Low voltage Protection
  • Over discharge, over load protection
  • Compact design, with battery and inverter built inside
  • Save more power and space, high efficiency

Apollo professional Stabilizer, UPS and IPS from 25 year’s rich experience in dealing with international market, sales managers understand to introduce correct products according to different market.”Good quality”, good products”, “good price, “good service” is the core competence in Apollo culture. Apollo (Voltage Stabilizer )AVR More than 2 0 0 employees in factory, 2 2 Engineers in R&D. therefore, we are dedicated to developing innovative and reliable and correct products to customers through the continuous development and investments in Apollo R&D center and market research.

Apollo build up strict quality control systems to control incoming components and produce high-quality products to our valuable customers. Pure Sinewave IPS, SBW/TNS series 3 phase Servo AVR is combination of SVC high function single phase automatic voltage stabilizer. The incoming power of the power network is three phases four wires system, the output power is also three phase four wires with three electric meters to indicate three phase separately and a shift switch  & voltage meter to shift and survey each phase.

Acknowledges its part of responsibility for 500VA Pure Sinewave IPS with builtin 100Ah Lithium Battery during and after the terms of warranty period. We offer technical support and assistance together with our engineers.


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