Apollo 100kVA Servo AVR

Voltage stabilizer is used to automatically adjust the output voltage of the power supply circuit or power supply equipment.
It can be widely used in places require stable power supply voltage, such as industrial and mining enterprise, oil, railways,
construction sites, schools, hospitals, telecommunications, hotels, research and other departments of computer, precision machine tools,
computer tomography , precision instruments, test equipment, Elevator lighting, imported equipment and production lines, etc.

Apollo 100kVA Servo AVR

Fully automatic AC voltage regulator (Servo Motor type)

Single-phase input voltage 160v-250v
Single-phase output voltage 0.5KVA-3KVA 220V and 110v 5KVA-10KVA 220V
Three-phase output voltage Phase voltage 160V-250V Wire voltage 277V-430V
three-phase output voltage Phase voltage 220V Wire voltage 380V
Accuracy of voltage stabilization 220V±3% 110V±6%
Frequency 50/60HZ
Adjustable time <1s(when input voltage has a change of 10%)
Ambient temperature -5℃–+40℃
Waveform distortion No additional waveform distortion
Load power factor 0.8
Dielectric strength 1500V/1min
insulation resistance ≥2MΩ

Apollo professional Stabilizer 25 year’s rich experience in dealing with international market, sales managers understand to introduce correct products according to different market.”Good quality”, good products”, “good price, “good service” is the core competence in Apollo culture. Apollo (Voltage Stabilizer )AVR More than 2 0 0 employees in factory, 2 2 Engineers in R&D. there fore, we are dedicated to developing innovative and reliable and correct products to customers through the continuous development and investments in Apollo R&D center and market research.
Apollo build up strict quality control systems to control incoming components and produce high-quality products to our valuable customers. SBW/TNS series 3 phase Servo AVR is combination of SVC high function single phase automatic voltage stabilizer. The incoming power of the power network is three phases four wires system, the output power is also three phase four wires with three electric meters to indicate three phase separately and a shift switch & voltage meter to shift and survey each phase.
Acknowledges its part of responsibility for all products during and after the terms of warranty period. We offer technical support and assistance together with our engineers.

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Apollo Power Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1994 in Taiwan and is a profession UPS & AVR manufacturer. In order to expand the capacities to shorten the delivery time for customers, our china company and factory in Dongguan city was founded.

For enlarging our business range and offering more services on power Industries, our R & D team started developing the related products of emergency landing device for lift since 2000, we have completed series of products for lift and elevator application, and are still keeping the developments for new generation auto-rescue devices with high technology for safe landing.

Our main goal is to support every lift or elevator a smart power system for automatic and safe landing whenever the emergency is happened.

Our products are compliant with the norm of CE certification. As a trustworthy manufacturer, we will pursue self-breakthrough and unceasingly keep growth.

We will be very pleased to establish a fruitful business relationship with your esteemed firm in the near future. Please feel free to contact us any time. It will be our pleasure to serve us.

Orient BD Limited is a Solo importer and distributer of Apollo products (Apollo UPS IPS AVR).