Apollo 2000VA Offline UPS

Brand: Apollo

Country of Origin: Taiwan

Model: 2000VA

Type: Offline

Input voltage: 240v

Output Voltage: 120v

Stabilizer: Built-in

Battery: 4 pieces

Apollo 2000VA Offline UPS

As UPS keeps your systems running even when the power is out, it means Uninterrupted Power Supply. UPS comes in different design types and capacities. To ease out your confusions, we are sharing a detailed description of Apollo 2000VA offline UPS.

Offline UPS are used as Standby battery backup when the electricity is out. Because it keeps the battery charged when the power is on and when the power fails it switches to the battery backup mechanically.

Cold Start: It enables to activate UPS without utility power

Automatic Recharge

Overload / Short Circuit Protection

Noise filtering: EMI/RFI full-time suppression

Beep signals when on battery, low battery, and overload


Brand Apollo 2000VA UPS
Type Offline
Model 1200F
Capacity 1400W
Voltage 240V
Voltage Range 140 – 300V
Frequency Range 60/50Hz
Voltage 120V
AC Voltage Regulation ±10%
Waveform PWM Simulated Sine wave
Frequency Range 60Hz or 50Hz ±1Hz
Transfer Time Typical 2ms
Battery Type & Quantity 12V/7.2Ah (4 pieces)
Floating Charging Voltage 24VDC
Charging Ability Typically 8 hours to 90% charged
Back up time (Full Load) 2 Hours Subject to Load
Cable Length (Meter) 1 meter
Over/ Under Volt. Switch to Bat. O/P when Mains over regulation range
Overload/ Short Fuse & current limited for both mains and Battery modes
Low Battery Two stages; no battery drain after cut off
Noise Filtering EMI/RFI full time suppression
Surge Protection Yes
Dimension (D×W×H) 483 ×165 ×228 mm
Net Weight 26kg
Body Metal
Specialty ·         Cold Start: It enables to activate UPS without utility power

·         Automatic Recharge

·         Overload / Short Circuit Protection

·         Noise filtering: EMI/RFI full time suppression

·         Beep signals when on battery, low battery and overload

Stabilizer                 Built in
Warranty                  1 year
Country of Origin USA
Country of Manufacturing Taiwan
Warning LED on Front; AC Normal: Green LED Steadily;  Backup: Yellow LED intermittently
Communication Port DB9 communication port built in for software control (On demand)
USB Port 98, 2000, NT, Novell, Unix application (Optional)
Cold start It enables to activate UPS without utility power



Apollo Power Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1994 in Taiwan and is a profession UPS & AVR manufacturer. In order to expand the capacities to shorten the delivery time for customers, our china company and factory in Dongguan city was founded.

For enlarging our business range and offering more services on power Industries, our R & D team started developing the related products of emergency landing device for lift since 2000, we have completed series of products for lift and elevator application, and are still keeping the developments for new generation auto-rescue devices with high technology for safe landing.

Our main goal is to support every lift or elevator a smart power system for automatic and safe landing whenever the emergency is happened.

Our products are compliant with the norm of CE certification. As a trustworthy manufacturer, we will pursue self-breakthrough and unceasingly keep growth.

We will be very pleased to establish a fruitful business relationship with your esteemed firm in the near future. Please feel free to contact us any time. It will be our pleasure to serve us.

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