Apollo 2000VA Relay Type Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

Brand: Apollo
Country: Taiwan
Capacity: 2000VA
Type: Relay
Input Voltage: AC 130V-250V/80V-140V
Output Voltage: AC220V/110V
Frequency: 50/60Hz

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Apollo 2000VA Relay Type Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

It has United Control/Independent system and Single phase. Input Voltage of Apollo 2000VA is AC 130V-250V/80V-140V or AC 100V-250V/80V-140V and electricity frequency rate 50/60Hz. The output of the stabilizer AC220V/110V. Its capacity is 1000W which is a good power supply for any kind of electronic device. Apollo 2000VA can stabilize your home electricity. The protection will work when the voltage is going higher or lower. It has also short circuits and over-loading protection. So that, the stabilizer can protect your device. There is also having a bypass option, or you can call it manual control. When You feel that auto mood is not working turn off or ON the switch of the Apollo 2000VA stabilizer. The noise level of the stabilizer is ≤50dB. It will work in -5-60 Degree temperature.

  • Temperature Protection
  • All protections over/low voltage
  • Sort circuit protection
  • 2000W Capacity
Phase Single Phase
Voltage (1) AC 130V-250V/80V-140V
Voltage (2) AC 100V-250V/80V-140V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Voltage AC220V/110V
Precision ±3%
Capacity 2000W
Frequency (Inverter Mode) 50Hz/60Hz
Power Factor 100% when input voltage 220V
Control Type Relay
Over/Low Volt Protection Yes
Delaying Yes
Temperature Protection Temperature Protection Option
Short Circuit and Over load Fuse Protection
AC-AC 0.96
Noise Level ≤ 50 dB
Temperature -5-60 Degree
Humidity 20% to 90%


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