Apollo 500VA Pure Sinewave IPS with Lithium Battery

  • 500VA Pure Sinewave IPS with built in 100Ah Lithium Batteries
  • Pure sine wave inverter
  • Suitable for any load
  • Short-circuit protection

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• Pure sine wave inverter
• suitable for any load
• Wide input voltage range
• Short-circuit protection
• LCD display show all the conditions
• All system in one case, moves more conveniently
• Easy to move anywhere
• Big charge current
• Over voltage, Low voltage Protection
• Over discharge, over load protection
• Compact design, with battery and inverter built inside
• Save more power and space, high efficiency

Model H500
Capacity 500VA
Input Nominal Voltage 120Vac / 220Vac
Nominal Voltage Acceptable Voltage 65-140Vac / 135-280Vac
Range 65-140Vac / 135-280Vac
Frequency 60Hz / 50Hz
Output Voltage 120Vac / 220Vac
Voltage Regulation (Battery Mode) 120Vac / 220Vac +/-3%
Frequency Regulation (Battery Mode) +/-0.1Hz
Power Factor 0.7
Waveform Pure sine wave
Battery Battery Voltage 12Vdc
Battery Time (at full load) Long time available
Max. Charging Current (4 Steps selectable) 10-50 Amp
Environment Relative Humidity 0-95% non-condensing
Operation Temperature 0-40degree
Audible Noise Less than 50dBA (at 1M)


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