Conceptpower DPA 120 UL(modular UPS)

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Three-phase modular UPS from 20kW to 600kW.  Small datacenters – Mid-sized datacenters – Server rooms and IT applications – Critical process protection.

Conceptpower DPA 120 UL(modular UPS):

This advanced UPS design provides the highest degree of protection in critical applications where the load must be fed with quality power. These Conceptpower DPA 120 UL systems utilize decentralized parallel architecture and ensure the highest level of reliability and availability with the best online UPS price in Bangladesh.

Conceptpower DPA 120 technical specifications

General data  Conceptpower DPA 120
 System power range 20kW–600kW
 Nominal power/module 20kW
 Nominal power/frame
 Output power factor 1.0
 Topology Online double conversion, transformerless, modular,
Decentralized Parallel Architecture
 Parallel configuration Up to 6 modules in one frame / up to 5 frames in parallel
 Cable entry Bottom
 Serviceability Front access only
 Back-feed protection Built-in (standard)
 Connection 5-wires, 3-phase + neutral + ground
Nominal input voltage 3 x 208/120V + neutral + ground
Voltage tolerance < 100% (–15%, +10%),
< 80% (–20%, +10%),
< 60% (–30%, +10%)
Input distortion THDi < 4% at 100% load
Frequency range 50/60Hz ± 5%
Power factor 0.99 @ 100% load
Walk in/soft start  Yes
Nominal input voltage 3 x 208/120V + neutral + ground
Voltage tolerance ± 2.5%
Voltage distortion THDv < 2% in linear mode
Frequency 50/60Hz
Online double conversion Up to 94% at nominal load
Protection rating IP 20
Storage temperature −25° to +70°C
Operating temperature  0° to +40°C
Altitude (above sea level) 1000 m without de-rating
Number of 12V jars/string  25 – 35 jars
Types  VRLA, NiCd
Battery charger  Decentralized charger in each module set
User interface Graphical touch screen (one per frame as standard)
Decentralized LCD + mimic diagram (one per module as standard)
Communication ports USB, RS-232, voltage-free contacts, SNMP (optional)
Customer interface Remote shutdown, gen-set interface, external bypass contact
Safety UL 1778 5th edition, CSA C22.2 No. 107.3-14 Third Edition
EMC IEC/EN 62040-2 C3
Manufacturing ISO 9001:2008
 Weight, Dimensions
(System with 6 modules)
 1517 lbs. (688 kg)
Dimensions WxHxD  31.16″ x 77.76″ x 35.17″ (791 x 893 x 1975.5 mm)

Note: Please refer to ABB Conceptpower DPA 120 technical documents for configurations, features, recommendations and guidelines.

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Conceptpower DPA 120 UL(modular UPS)

Conceptpower DPA 120 UL(modular UPS)