FirstPower 12V 40Ah Tubular Gel Battery

Voltage: 12V.
Capacity: 40Ah.
Battery Technology: Tubular Gel.
Rechargeable: Yes.

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Firstpower 12V 40Ah tubular gel battery is a high quality sealed lead acid rechargeable battery that is engineered to provide superior performance. Long service life for your stand alone solar system or any other battery based setup. This battery is a maintenance-free, non spillable sealed valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) AGM battery. Our batteries are new and always fresh stock.

  • Approx. Weight 12.5kg (27.5lbs)±4%
  • Terminal type T4/T9
  • Length 197±2mm (7.76inch)
  • Width 165±2mm (6.50inch)
  • Height 170±2mm (6.69inch)
  • Total Height 170±2mm (6.69inch)
  • Nominal operating temperature 25℃±3℃(77℉±5℉)
  • Maximum charging current 12A
  • Terminal material Copper
  • Maximum discharge current 400A(5 sec.)


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