HR Management System Software Solutions


  • Employee management
  • Attendance Management
  • Leave Management
  • Travel Management
  • Asset management
  • Separation Management
  • Organogram
  • HR Letter
  • Recruitment

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Feature in Module wise:

  • Employee management
    • Employment management
    • Employee Report
    • Employee Profile management
  • Attendance Management
    • Daily attendance
    • Roster Assign
    • Monthly attendance report
    • Absent report
    • Late report
    • Scheduler Management with the approval process
    • Attendance request for Remote attendance with the approval process
  • Leave Management
    • Holiday Assign
    • Leave application with the approval process
    • Leave report monthly, Individually with approval status
    • Leave Encashment process with approval
  • Travel Management
    • Travel request for both Domestic and International with budget estimation
    • Travel request approval process with the booking confirmation
    • Local conveyance bill issue with the approval process
    • Bill payment process by petty cash authority
    • Bill report with paid and unpaid status including Expense details
  • Asset Management
    • Organizational Asset control
    • Asset creation with category and vendor wise
    • Asset assigned to specified personnel
    • Asset report
    • Asset service and repair management
  • Separation Management
    • Separation Request with the approval process
    • Resignation form process
    • Clearance management for the separated employee
  • Organogram
    • Automated and Manual Organogram
  • HR Letter
    • All types of HR letters can be generated from a system in word and pdf format
    • An employee can apply for NOC and Gift request
  • Recruitment
    • Employee requisition
    • Publication of Circular
    • Applicant portal
    • Employee assessment
    • Filtering the applicant

 Employee User Portal:

  • All of the features are available for all user according to menu and request portal.
  • Role and Permission wise menu are assigned
  • Reporting line is designed with ID wise for employee management
  • According to Reporting line and Level of Approval emails are sent to assigned persons.
  • All report of Bill, Employee and requests are available in excel format.


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