Kstar 3KVA Online UPS Long Backup

  • EMI/RFI noise filter.
  • Utility to Bypass <4ms.
  • Battery Voltage Display.
  • Weight 24 Kg.

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KSTAR 3KVA is a long backup online UPS. KSTAR is meant to supply wave output to a spread of electrical devices requiring seamless power protection. This UPS has smart RS232 communication with double conversion UPS topology. High end components aren’t suffering from a transfer time when switching between regular power and backup power. This system is easy to extend. Quantity of battery backup that’s available, thus increasing the time devices are often powered using KSTAR online UPS. Fast charge technology built right into the UPS. Batteries are often recharged and swapped out when needed because of hot swapping support.


Technology High Frequency and double conversion.
Control Digitized Microprocessor.
Battery Advanced Management.
UPS Off Mode Automatic Battery Charging.
Protection Short Circuit, Overload, Lightning And Surge.
Fan Speed Automatically.
Display Load Capacity and Battery Voltage.
Noise Filter EMI/RFI
Alarm Function Input L And N Reversed


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