LONG LG7-12 (12V-7Ah) SLA Battery

LONG LG7 Battery is a Trusted and Quality Product for Electric cars, medical equipment and systems, and fire alarm system.

LONG LG7-12 (12V-7Ah) SLA Battery

Weight : Approx. 2.45kg(5.39Lbs.)

Maximum Discharge Current for   : 5 seconds:105A

Cycle use: Charging Voltage 13.8 to 14.4V Coefficient -5.0mV/℃/cell
Maximum Charging Current: 2.1A
Standby use: Float Charging Voltage 13.5 to 13.8V   

Length (L)  : 151±1 (5.94±0.04)

Width (W)  : 65±1 (2.56±0.04)

Length (L) Width (W) Height (H) : 94±1 (3.70±0.04)

Overall Height (HT) : 102±1 (4.02±0.04)mm(inch)


  Nominal Voltage(V)      : 12V                                

  Nominal Capacity                                                  

20 hour rate (0.35A to 10.50V) 7Ah
5 hour rate (1.19A to 10.20V) 5.95Ah
1 hour rate (3.85A to 9.60V) 3.85Ah
1 C (7A to 9.60V) 3.73Ah

Product description

This gel battery is durable and long lasting.
It can be charged and discharged.

Durable and long lasting model starts with the alphabet LG

LONG batteries are recognized worldwide for high quality batteries. ISO 9001 (printed on the side of the battery).
Fully sealed type that does not emit gas at normal times and can be used safely indoors as a power supply for a variety of devices.
It is highly durable and cost effective for repeated charging and discharging for making it perfect for sub batteries in campers and marines.
The internal battery fluid is gel-shaped and it has a high moisture retention capacity and it is relatively effective for use in high temperature environments. (Outdoor solar power generator Equipment)

Charging Voltage: 13.8 – 14.4 V
Maximum charging current: 2.1A

Constant Voltage Charging 13.50-13.80V
Maximum charging current: 2.1A

Estimated number of times that can be charged and discharged repeatedly.
Used repeatedly after 100% discharge… about 320 times.
Can be used repeatedly after 50% discharge… about 600

Used repeatedly after 30% discharge… Approx. 1,500 times.

Expected Life:
Using standby (standby charging): 7 to 10 years.

The number of charges can be charged and discharged depending on how it is used and the environment used.

Please use a charger that can be charged under 2.1 A shielded battery (sealed type).
Alternatively, you can connect the 12V solar panel (2.1A or less) + charge controller to this battery for charging.




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