OpticSlim 1180 Plustek Scanner office use

Opticslim 1180 plustek scanner

The scanner is best for office use

The Plustek OpticSlim 1180 is an A3, tabloid-sized scanner, designed for high-quality scanning of Art, photos, scrapbooks, genealogy research, newspaper, historical documents scrapbooks, documents, and other items up to 297 mm x 431.8 mm (11.69″ x 17″) in size. OpticSlim 1180 includes four one-touch scan buttons to simplify and automate the most common scanning functions (i.e. scan, OCR, PDF, and email).


  • A3 size scanning area
  • Easy-to-use single touch buttons, design for scan, OCR, PDF, and Email
  • Up to 1200 dpi optical resolution
  • LED light for energy saving, environmentally friendly
  • Searchable PDF ­les format available
  • Compact design, small and light-weighted



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Plustek redefines user experience with data extraction technologies allowing for maximized performance to fuel digital transformation, unleashing the data insights for people whether they are at home, in the office, or on-the-go. Design and manage autonomously with digital platforms enabling solutions and services to be accessible in real-time to help all industries and organizations across their business lifecycles to become more agile and efficient. Plustek established dedicated tight-knit global sales, marketing, support teams for our intermediary and end clients to furnish the most efficient services.

Plustek devotes in creating customer value through superior solutions and services that contributes to a better society. To deliver value, we listen, understand, and then act. We continually challenge conventions to grow, innovate, and stay inspired by our customers.

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