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PMA-100 Adapter for mounting on a pillar WB-100, WB-80

Adapter PMA-100 manufactured by Microdigital to install cameras for CCTV on the pole. The product is perfect for its size and the material for the post from any material. The bracket is made of durable metal alloy. It has special holes for mounting directly on the column, and there is a place for attaching the camcorder itself. Included with the product are special screws that are suitable for bolt connection.

The model has been designed specifically for those cameras and the high-speed rotary type of the MDS-i3621H , the MDS-i209 . The bracket will hold the camera securely, and therefore at work it will not become loose, knocking her work. The design is covered with white paint, which also performs the protective function and will harmonize perfectly with the camera in white.

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