Orient BD Limited has been distributing excellent products with outstanding quality, materials and from most famous brands in tech world. Excel grants a limited period of free service since the delivery date. Orient Computers hereby declares 1 year warranty policy for all applicable products. [Warranty period may vary to some product category and extend up to 3 years]

Warranty Policies

Orient Computers will not be held responsible for warranty claims for products which fall under these conditions.

  1. The warranty period is expired.
  2. Any component/part of the product is missing.
  3. Products damaged by accidents, bent/broken/burnt, misuse, improper installation and unauthorized repair.
  4. Products damaged by natural disasters such as lighting strikes, floods & earthquakes.
  5. Serial number of products does not match or damaged, removed or cannot be identified clearly.
  6. Product identification information altered, obliterated or removed.
  7. Products have been sold unauthorized distributors, agents or resellers.
  8. Malfunction of products resulted from failed repair from unauthorized servicing.
  9. The warranty is not applicable for power supply, adapter, batteries, cables, stands, remote controls and other non serial precuts.

RMA Standard Procedures

  1. The applicant needs to give a full description about defects as much as possible. Specified description will be helpful to reduce the possibility of repair/replacement delay.
  2. While returning defective goods, service claim token is necessary.
  3. Products no longer distributed by Orient Computers but still under warranty can be claimed for the warranty in the event that the product is non repairable, an attempt to replace the product with an equivalent or new model will be made.
  4. Orient Computers reserves the right to receive the product for inspection and decision for warranty claim can be obtained on the next 3 working days.
  5. The RMA department will thoroughly inspect the product will support as per company warranty policies.
  6. If any goods are not taken back within 30 days, Orient Computers will not be responsible for any damage or loss.
  7. In the event of repair/replacement of any product, the warranty will thereafter continue in force for the remaining warranty period only. Moreover the time taken during the servicing and in transit shall be excluded from the warranty period.
  8. Orient Computers and its service centers reserve the right to retain any parts/components as its discretion in the event of defect noticed in the equipment during servicing. The parts/components will become Orient Computers property.

Warranty expired product service claims

  1. Orient Computers is entitled to reject & return any warranty claims if the warranty period is expired. However efforts will be made to repair all non-warranty servicing.
  2. Charges are applied accordingly to repair non-warranty products.
  3. If the product is non repairable and customer wishes to replace the product, Orient Computers may consider replacing the product by taking an amount which is decided by Orient Computers authority.
    Orient Computers reserves the right to change their warranty policies any time without giving any prior notice.

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