Trendsonic 86 Inch (IFP) Interactive Screen TWW-I86B5N

1Aluminum alloy frame, surface sandblasting and anodic oxidation treatment, iron shell back cover, active heat dissipation.
2Ultra HD display with up to 3840 × 2160 resolution of input signal available.
3Built-in Wi-Fi realizes Mira casting without any cable connection.
4Built-in interactive whiteboard system allows annotating and sharing by QR code.
54mm Anti-glare AG glass physical tempered anti-riot glassstrengthen the visual effect and enhance the touch experiencerelieve eye fatigue and reduce eye damage caused by glare
6: supports 20 touch points, better smoothness, faster writing speed;
7: Using the OPS slot of the international general standard, the integrated plug-in design is convenient
for upgrading and maintenance, and there is no visible external connection line of the computer
module, and the body is beautiful;
8: Front expansion port: USB*3HDMI*1TOUCH *1Type-C*1;
9: 15Wx2 in front of the speaker to prevent the sound effect from deteriorating due to the built-in environment;
10: One button of the front button to start long press to open and close the screen and host at the
same time, easy to operate;
11: Android 11.0 system comes with electronic whiteboard, annotation function, annotation function can;

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The Interactive screen can integrate functions of computers, projectors, interactive whiteboards, sound boxes, cameras (optional), HDTVs, advertising machines and so on. The device integrates technologies like 4K display, infrared touch, human-machine interaction, multi-media information processing, and network transmission and provides users with various features such as writing, annotating, multi-screen sharing, pen detection. The Interactive screen is mainly used for remote video conferences, education, trainings and guidance, medical consulting, and other events in kinds of offices, meeting rooms, multi-media classrooms, exhibition halls and so on


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