Apollo 800VA Offline UPS

  • Brand: Apollo
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan
  • Country of Manufacturing: China
  • Model: 1080A
  • Type: Offline
  • Input voltage: 150-275 V
  • Output Voltage – 220-230 V +/-10%
  • Frequency: 60Hz
  • Transfer rate: 2ms
  • Load Capacity- 400W

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Apollo professional Stabilizer, UPS and IPS from 25 year’s rich experience in dealing with international market, sales managers understand to introduce correct products according to different market. ”Good quality”, good products”, “good price, “good service” is the core competence in Apollo culture. Apollo (Voltage Stabilizer )AVR More than 2 0 0 employees in factory, 2 2 Engineers in R&D. therefore, we are dedicated to developing innovative and reliable and correct products to customers through the continuous development and investments in Apollo R&D center and market research.

Apollo build up strict quality control systems to control incoming components and produce high-quality products to our valuable customers. Pure Sinewave IPS, SBW/TNS series 3 phase Servo AVR is combination of SVC high function single phase automatic voltage stabilizer. The incoming power of the power network is three phases four wires system, the output power is also three phase four wires with three electric meters to indicate three phase separately and a shift switch & voltage meter to shift and survey each phase.

Acknowledges its part of responsibility for Apollo 800VA Offline UPS during and after the terms of warranty period. We offer technical support and assistance together with our engineers.

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Apollo 800VA Offline Line Interactive UPS
Model 1080
Input Voltage 220VAC ± 20~35% (Customizable)
Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
Inv. O/P Waveform PWM Simulated Sinewave
Frequency 50 Hz or 60Hz ± 1Hz
Capacity 800VA
Voltage 220VAC ± 3~8%
Transfer Time 2ms
Battery Types Lead-Acid maintenance-free
DC Bus 12V/9A
Number 1 PC
Recharge Time Typically 8 hours to 90% Charged
Backup Time 15~30 Minutes Depending on load connected (Long Backup Optional)
Protection Over/Under Volt. Switch to Bat. O/P when Mains over regulation range
Overload/Short Fuse & current limited for both mains and Battery modes
Low Battery Two stages; on battery drain after cut off
Surge Meets IEEES87 Cat.A
Noise Filtering EMI/RFI full time suppression
Mechanical Socket Type IEC/Universal/UK Socket
Socket No. (pcs) 1~4 IEC/UK/Universal Socket
Dim (WxHxD)mm 105x140x315
Net Weight (kgs) 6.5
Shipping Weight (kgs) 7
Environment Ambient 0~40 degree C, 0~90% non-condensing
Audible Less than 35 dBA (1M distance)
Warning LED on Front AC Normal: Green light Steadily, Backup: Yellow light intermittently, Fault: Red light
Signals Beep Alarm On Battery, Battery Low and Overload
Communication Port DB9 Communication Port built in for Software Control (On Demand)
USB Option  98, 2000, NT, Novell, Unix applications (Optional)
Cold Start It enables to activate UPS without Utility Power
Applications Brand/ Clone Computers, PABX, Intercom, Printer, Fax


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800VA Apollo Offline UPS